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Operation Amped is on a mission to spread the stoke of life within the community of wounded veterans who are looking for new outlets for fun, stress relief, and physical exercise. Lead by Joseph Gabulinas, I have been fortunate to help raise support for their cause through community fundraising events, and supporting their summer surf camps for respected soldiers and their families. 

Climate Action Campaign is a non-profit organization with the mission of reporting on the progress each San Diego city makes with regards to their Climate Action Plan and the Implementation of their plan. After reviewing 2016's report card, entirely new formatting was required as well as simple,  logical ways of displaying both quantitative and qualitative information.

Malama Composites was well down it's path of Start-Up company at the time but was lacking some basic marketing material. After reviewing the market, new MDS sheets, marketing emails, promotional copy, and website content was developed. In addition, the team was provided structured brainstorms to coin the branding of their product now titled Pacific BioFoam.

This event was founded on the basis of giving back to local non-profits in San Diego. We bring artists, vendors, musicians and audiences together to show our support. There will be dancing, drinking, surfing, and live music ringing out at the SaltDog Classic Beach Fest. Watch Seaside State Beach come to life.

• Event management, vendor management, sponsorship management
• Website building, content creation, and social media marketing
• Willingness to take risks that allow this annual event to grow
• Non-Profit coordination and fundraising

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