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Updated: Feb 27, 2018

Get Curious, Get Frustrated, Get Involved

There are several times a year that I have not accepted opportunities based on lacking the knowledge or the skill set needed to succeed. The thought process is common. We say to ourselves, “Of course, I wouldn’t succeed. I hardly know anything about it. Therefore, I will fail if I try.”

Seemingly rational for those who are so worried about failure; yet lessons of those much wiser than I continue to admonish us on the benefits of failures, the payoff of taking risks, and the success earned by perseverance. When we are willing to try, and more importantly willing to fail, then we are ready to succeed. In our career, towards our goals, and as a person.

The hidden question within this advice, is how do we take those failures and turn them into success? We have to learn from it. We all know that one definition of insanity is to repeat the same steps over and over again and expect the same result. Only through altering certain steps, iterating based on results, and continuing the learn from each mistake, is the desired outcome of success achieved.

The eternal student will open the doors to mastery.

Get Curious

What are you fascinated by but don’t you know anything about? Perhaps hidden in the subconscious is a passion for another field or career you have yet to explore. It could be a strong affinity for Theatre, maybe an impulse towards video editing, a dive deeper into the health and wellness trend.

For me, right now it’s the quest for more technical marketing intelligence, and a goal to increase my network, and my contribution to the community. Certain levels of my job with Daymon are perfect for staying curious. New software tools are brought to my attention on a weekly basis. How can I generate these new reports and present them in a way that offers true business intelligence? New client requests broader my scope on what tasks I can accomplish. From contractual work and pricing evaluations, to tablet management and content creation. Larger companies have plenty of opportunities to learn more software tools and have access to licenses smaller companies might never afford. Take advantage of it.

Get Frustrated

How do you think I did the first year? If we were all paid in smiles, I would have been a rich man that day. But financially, a hit was taken. Everything seemed like it was great from a planning prospective; however, on the day of the event the attendance was smaller than expected, and the number of people paying for food or merchandise was limited.

But what about the second year? The third? Now the event is growing and with it, the network and the extended skillset we possess has grown. Now the event also earns a revenue.

Get Involved

When I have free time on nights or weekends, I work on festival event called the SaltDog Classic that supports local charity. Through this medium, I learned even more skills. To get this event off the ground I needed to design and build a website, complete all necessary city permitting, follow city ordinances and applicable laws, manage the vendors and the volunteers, and even a little fundraising.

If you are wanting to help out with some of my projects, including the SaltDog Classic beach festival, please reach out with any ideas you have or ways that you can Get Involved.

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