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Elan Saltman


Design your marketing around the way customers should perceive the company or brand. 

Innovate in areas where growth is not being realized and uncover hidden gold mines.

Upgrade your business in a way that adapts to competitors and goes beyond them.

Sophie Wolfram
Climate Action Campaign

At the onset of the project to recreate the look and layout of the Climate Action Plan Report card, I was initially overwhelmed at how to transform the document. Elan Saltman stepped in and was able to dedicate time to completely revamp the report, adding beautiful design elements, new structure, and summary views that capture big picture data. 

Dylan Donahue
Territory Manager

Elan Saltman adds a very strong creative element to the team dynamic and is extremely passionate and diligent in the pursuit and application of creative endeavors. I would strongly recommend Elan to any team or leadership role. It was a pleasure to work with him and I greatly appreciate his contributions to the success of our consulting project.

Ryan McQueen
Field Sales Engineer

Elan Saltman uses his out of the box thinking and artistic approach to his advantage. I enjoyed working with Elan on several different projects while completing our MBA because he was efficient during meetings, on time, and provided a level of intelligence that was above his peers.

Stephen Munoz, MBA
Digital Marketing Lead

Elan Saltman is an extremely intelligent, creative, and forward-thinking individual. His insight and understanding of the current and future state of business as a whole make him an irreplaceable asset to any team. He is a born leader who rallies those around him through his unwavering passion and drive. I am privileged to have worked at his side.

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