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1. Business Analysis

2. Digital Marketing

3. Growth Strategy


Be seen by your customers through SEO/SMO, and engage with them using rich content, targeted topics, and tracking ROI to see which campaigns really work. 


Gain deeper insight into projects and perspectives that have effectively grown businesses initiatives around San Diego and southern California. Locals like you, looking to get more from the information they collect and distribute to their audience.


Use active storytelling and keywords that resonate with your target audience. Don't take guesses at what they are looking for, dive deep to find out why, how often, and what topics are being most explored by your customers and clients, to then focus on written content that sticks.

Elan Salman Dropping In

Elan Saltman, MBA

Consulting Services


National Brands, Big Box Retailers, and Family owned companies alike are facing a similar consumer market. Online, content is key, and traceable interactions from your customers is the name of the game.


Over the Years I have been involved in the industries of Retail, Sustainable Development, Information Technology, and Clean Tech. Exposure to a wide array of companies and their best practices I was lead to see that businesses in our area are operating in a new environment that has everyone searching for best practices in Data Automation, Sales Automation, and general Audience Engagement.


Using a mixture of leading companies as an example, let's drive your business forward online and across social media channels. 


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